The European Network for Traumatic Stress - Training & Practice (TENTS-TP)

The European Network for Traumatic Stress - Training & Practice (TENTS-TP)

Between May 2007 and May 2009, the EU-funded TENTS project (The European Network for Traumatic Stress) established a community wide network of expertise on posttraumatic stress treatment for victims of natural and other disasters and examined which interventions are effective in the aftermath of disaster and whether these are available throughout Europe. TENTS produced an evidence-based model of care with dissemination materials as brochures and guidelines and e-learning materials. The TENTS-TP project will expand and develop the network and connect to other important European initiatives in the field of psychosocial care after trauma. TENTS-TP aims to implement evidence-based interventions to prevent trauma survivors from developing posttraumatic disorders and interventions to promote (early) recovery. TENTS-TP is committed to widely disseminate and implement evidence based care to those affected by traumatic events that promotes social inclusion throughout the entire European region. This will be achieved by developing guidelines that effectively integrate mental health promotion and disorder prevention into the training and practice of professionals in mental health and social services.   TENTS-TP will improve resiliency within member and partner countries through enabling them to appropriately manage the psychosocial consequences of traumatic events. In particular Eastern and Southern countries including several post conflict areas will be actively involved in the project. The final aim is to raise levels of knowledge and expertise of the end users of this project (mental health and social service professionals) which will result in improved services to those affected by traumatic events. Professionals responsible for teaching and training in this field will be identified, provided with evidence based practice teaching package and equipped to implement this in a sustainable manner in partner countries.

Academisch Medisch Centrum (AMC), Universiteit van Amsterdam
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Gülzade Düzgün
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Forschungsprojekt; Gurris; Düzgün; TENTS-TP; Netzwerk; Trauma; Stress; Europa; Gesundheit;